How we prepare for a Gig: The inside scoop

As individuals we may not be the most organised but as RR we run like clockwork, with a clear vision and a solid game plan before every gig, big or small.

First things first, we practice. On the day of the gig we always run through our set list smoothing out any bumps, planning our breaks and adding any stupid jokes we want to include. Once confident with our set list and plan for the gig, the hard work starts. Loading up the gear. We have the mission of humping all the speakers, guitars, leads, PA, seats, mic & stands you name it, into our trusty Jeep. After filling the car almost to capacity we set off to the venue, knowing very well we have forgotten something like a pic or capo. Neither the less we hit the road, high in spirit and ready to rock.

Once we arrive at the venue we then take the time to assess the space, discuss how we are going to set up to get the best sound from our gear and put on the best gig for our audience. We set up accordingly, tweaking bits here and there as we go. Happy with our set up we then go for a sound check, making sure the balance of the guitars and vocals are good and everything is clear for the people listening and for ourselves.

We wrap it up more often than not with one of the venues finest ales and a cheeky bit if fresh air to clear our heads and to kickstart the evening. Its time to rock!

The Night Of Three Songs

Believe it or not three of our most well known songs “Suzy”, “Stand Up Guy” and “Bone” were all written in one hazy evening. Fuelled by coffee and cigarettes we sat down and began noodling away the first thing that came to our mind, completely organic and new.

After few hours into our writing session, but what actually felt like a flash, we had the foundations of three new songs that had the potential to be some of our best work and just dam right catchy. With our minds hard at work we managed to squeeze out every bit of creativity we had left and with our songwriting skills combined finally finished the three songs with the exception of a few lines here and there.

Immersed in the jam we both took a step back and looked up at the time, not realising we had been writing way into the early hours of the morning. We put guitars to one side and sat back with a proud smile on our faces knowing we had just been through a journey that no musician can replicate, the perfect balance between high and sober. Truly in the zone.